Therapy as parents

Parenting support too often concentrates on how couples parent rather than taking into account the quality of the couple relationship and how that is impacting on the children. Strengthening your couple relationship is one of the best things you can do for your children.

Research shows that parents and children are most helped when there is a focus on the couple relationship, rather than just on parenting issues.
Evidence shows that couple conflict has a negative effect on children whether in the form of noisy rows or silent hostility.

Children and teenagers who see their parents getting on well feel more secure which benefits their behaviour, well-being and ability to learn. Longer term it has an effect on their own couple relationship and the kind of parents they become to their own children.


Couple therapy can help you

  • Communicate more openly and clearly
  • Manage conflict
  • Be more aware of your own and your partner’s needs
  • Manage issues around personal space and boundaries
  • Be less stuck in unhelpful interactions with your partner, and your children
  • Manage the stress, anxieties and frustrations of your relationship and family life

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Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic and whilst social distancing measures are in place, we continue to offer online therapy sessions.

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